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Internet Publishers

Publishing is all about developing and marketing information and entertainment... but it no longer means delivering books to bookstores. We are Internet publishers, working as partners with authors to monetize content on the web. We're the new generation of publishing... Internet publishing.

  • Title: Netiquette
  • Author: Virginia Shea
  • Retail Price: $19.95
  • ISBN: 0-9637025-1-3
  • Pub. Date: May 1994
  • Length: 160 pages
  • Trim Size: 6" x 9"

Netiquette, by Virginia Shea, was the first trade book sold online as an ebook. It is the book that launched Bookport Internet Publishers in 1994.

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“This is the new way to profit from publishing.”

Michael Mears, Change Your Mind About Drinking

Long Live the Book

It's and the book is dead. Or is it?
It still means something to publish a book. There is no more authoritative source of information than a book, and no better property for entertainment licensing, than a book. But nowadays a book is no longer "dead trees delivered to a shop on Main Street."

Publishing, Defined

What makes a book different from any other source of information on the Internet is the process of publishing. Publishing endows authority. Publishing starts with an author and adds a team. The publishing team adds value at every stage of the process: acquisition, editorial production, design, and marketing. Until recently, the result was delivered as a book. Now the result is the creation of an online community.

The "Platform" is Your Market

Until recently, book publishers looked for a "platform" to prime bookstore sales. Now, with bookstore sales disappearing, the platform is the market, and an online community is often the best way to monetize a project, through access controlled by subscription or download fees.

Acquire Your Team

Internet publishing requires a new generation. If you are not an expert at social media, keyword research, search engine optimization, link building, affiliate marketing, or pay per click, we'll build your community and monetize your content.

A Methodology That Monetizes

We've applied our experience with web startups to identify the fastest route to making money on the Internet. Not all Internet marketing strategies yield revenue quickly (and some yield no revenue at all!) but we aim to generate partnership income from day one.

Sell in Multiple Formats

Subscription fees yield the best return on investment. But revenue can come from many sources, including ebooks and nonbook sales. Maximizing the mix requires Internet publishing savvy.

Partners in Success

We are not consultants or a service. We partner with authors and traditional publishers on a shared-revenue basis, assuring that any project we undertake will be sufficiently profitable to justify our involvement.

  • Monetize Your Website

    Your web site should be generating revenue (and we don't mean for Amazon!). We'll develop its potential.

  • Get Your Keywords On

    Our proprietary keyword research techniques are the key to successful Internet marketing.

  • Make PPC Pay

    Test your market and prime your sales with cost-effective pay-per-click advertising.

  • Build Community

    We cultivate your online community. It is your source of ongoing revenue.

  • Measure Success

    If you're not analyzing marketing effectiveness, you have no business on the Internet. We do it constantly.